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CHEAPSKATE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

cheapskate definition: 1. a person who is unwilling to spend money: 2. a person who is unwilling to spend money: 3…. Learn more.

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Define cheapskate. cheapskate synonyms, cheapskate pronunciation, cheapskate translation, English dictionary definition of cheapskate. n. Slang A stingy person; a miser.

Cheapskate | Definition of Cheapskate by Merriam-Webster

Definition of cheapskate. : a miserly or stingy person especially : one who tries to avoid paying a fair share of costs or expenses. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cheapskate.

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It’s a combination of the word cheap, meaning “stingy,” and the word skate, which can be used as a negative slang term for a person who’s generally disliked. Cheapskates are not good tippers. And don’t expect them to spend much on a gift—if they buy you one at all! Cheapskates typically avoid

How to say cheapskate in Filipino

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How to say cheapskate in Turkish

Turkish words for cheapskate include cimri and avantacı kimse. Find more Turkish words at wordhippo.com!

What does cheapskate mean?

cheapskate (Noun) Someone who stingily avoids spending money. He is such a cheapskate, he found that jumper in a dustbin. Etymology: cheap + skate (fellow) cheapskate (Noun) By extension, someone who doesn't give freely. My mum is such a cheapskate that she didn't lend me money to go shopping. Etymology: cheap + skate (fellow)