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The Three Zones of the Tennis Court - One Minute Tennis Lesson

The three zones of the tennis court! There's the attack zone which is typically the middle portion of the court, the defense zone the deepest portion the court typically about a meter behind the service to the baseline and in the kill zone which is about a meter in front of the service on to the net. This helps you understand the portion of court and your selection. if you play smart you win more!

The Three Tennis Court Zones | Tennis Tips for your Mind…

Defensive (RED) 3 to 4 + feet behind the baseline. Neutral/Rally (YELLOW) – 3 to 4 feet behind and 1 foot inside the baseline. Transitional/Offensive (GREEN) – 1 + feet inside the baseline. The Three Hitting Zones on the Tennis Court. Like this:

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The three zones are: Red Zone: baseline – safe, consistent play. Yellow Zone: mid-court – proceed through, transition ball to net. Green Zone: net – finish off the point with a volley or overhead.

Tennis Footwork Tip: The 4 Movement Zones - YouTube

In this tennis footwork tip OTI Instructor Ean Meyer explains the 4 different movement zones on the tennis court. Each zone requires different movement patte...

A Diagram of Tennis Court Dimensions & Layout

The space between the singles and doubles sidelines is called the doubles alley. No Man’s Land: 18 feet x 27 feet (486 square feet) If you’re new to tennis, you’ll probably hear someone yell, “Get out of No Man’s Land,” which is the largest box on the court that falls between the service line and the baseline.

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How and When to Come to the Net Based on ZONES - Play Your ...

A PlayYourCourt 59 is the equivalent of a USTA 3.0. So as you can see we split the court up here into three zones. A red zone, a yellow zone and a green zone. And what these zones are gonna do is just help you understand when to come to the net. And Nate these zones work based on where the ball lands right?

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To determine the court zones, divide both halves of the court (39 feet [11.9 m] each) into three even zones (figure 9.4). The zone (location) in which the ball lands dictates the highest-percentage options for shot selection. Smart tacticians simply match their intentions with the landing zones. Zone 1, or the grind zone, is located from the baseline inward about 13 feet (3.9 m).

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To ensure the safety of the players as they chase balls outside the court boundaries, a clearance space of 21’ (6.4 m) should be provided beyond the baselines and 12’ (3.66 m) for the sides. The total area required for the court and the clear space is 7,200 ft2 (668.9 m2). Tennis Court. 3D Model.