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Javelin Technique – Grip. There are three main grips used in Javelin throwing. There is the V grip, the second finger and thumb with the first finger going up the binding and probably the simplest to coach is the first finger and thumb behind the binding. There are three main grips. There is the V grip which is a full grip with the inside of the first finger and second finger squeezing against the binding.

How to Grip a Javelin: 3 Ways to Maximize Potential

Fork or “V” Grip. This is a great grip for beginners as it promotes the correct “over-the-top” release of the javelin. Release from this grip is fairly easy; however, the rotation the athlete will get is rather low. Fork grip is great for those new to javelin. The javelin is held across the palm of the throwing hand, with the top of the ...

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How to Grip a JavelinVisit http://www.throwjavelin.com for more info.This javelin Grip video is a basic javelin throw throw video explaining the 3 main grips...

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There are three different grips used for the javelin. The fork grip, the American grip, and the Finnish grip. This video explains how to do each grip and how...


Grip - The javelin lies along the palm of the hand. - The palm should always be turned upwards. - The javelin should feel comfortable and secure in hand. Three ways of holding the javelin: 1. Gripping the cord between the thumb and index finger (American Style) 2. Gripping the cord between the thumb and middle finger (Finnish Style).

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American Grip: The American Grip is done by holding the javelin with the cord in between the thumb and index finger. Finnish Grip: The Finnish Grip is done by extending the index finger under the shaft for control and then gripping the cord in between the thumb and middle finger.

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No finger behind the binding. Teach young athletes that the javelin should be held at the back of the grip, along the palm, with fingers firmly around the implement, with at least one finger behind the binding. I prefer teaching the grip that sees one finger and the thumb behind the binding.

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Success in tennis is greatly affected by the technique a player uses and biomechanics plays an integral role in stroke production. All strokes have a fundamental mechanical structure, and sports injuries primarily have a mechanical cause. 1 Player development based on scientific evidence allows an individualised approach to be structured, with due consideration to the key mechanical features ...